Monday, March 15, 2021

Behind the Scenes: LIFELIKE Chapter Three

SPOILERS ahead for my book, LIFELIKE.

If you have not read the other chapters yet, go and read them now--then come back here to read about how I created Chapter Three. Links to past discussions below.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

This is a short chapter, but it is also an important one. It is where Wren, the main character, learns that there is an unsolved murder overshadowing the history of her new home. Wren is about to become an integral part of this dark mystery. She will become the link between what has happened in the past--and what is continuing to happen even in present day within the silent walls of Kensington House.

I, myself, have always loved a good mystery. There was a period between fourth and seventh grade, that I quit reading chapter books as a child. It was mystery novels that helped pull me back into the world of reading and fantastic fiction. And once I discovered books again, I read every mystery novel I could get my hands on. And when I ran out of those, I discovered ghost stories. Any really good, classic ghost story is going to involve a mystery of some sort. In fact, as a child, I found the mysteries in ghost stories much more intense, intriguing and satisfying then your run of the mill Nancy Drew mystery. 

The Dollhouse Murders, Wait Till Helen Comes, House on Hackman’s Hill, House of Shadows, Ghost Cat. I devoured every word. Right from the start ghost stories fill the reader with questions. Mainly--what happened? Why is the ghost still hanging around? What caused their lost soul to become bound to this mortal coil? What is it that the ghost wants? Revenge? Justice? Or do they just need to complete some unfinished business? Is the ghost the victim or the perpetrator?

This is where the true story of LIFELIKE begins.  Chapter three is where Wren’s life is about to change forever. She just doesn’t know it yet.

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