Monday, April 26, 2010

Does This Mean I'm Official Now?

I was informed by my editor that I now have a publicist assigned to me. What does a publicist do exactly? Heck if I know--yet. Hopefully, I will soon. And when I find out, I'll let all of you know. : ) But it is exciting all the same to know I now have someone who can help me know what I should do as a new author to get my book out there to the masses. Book launches and book signings here I come! Only two more months until Forbidden Sea is out in stores. I must admit there were times I never thought this day would come.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Fun Theory

This is a fabulous video about the power of making life more fun. Click here to watch the clip. You must watch this with audio to get the full effect. : )

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All in a Day's Work for a Librarian

A father brought his three children to the reference desk today, inquiring after a certain Veggie Tales Christmas movie that said it was checked in, but wasn’t on the shelf. Deciding not to question his off season choice of films, I went into the back room and did an extensive search for the title. Before I was through, half the backroom staff was helping me look for the DVD. Triumphantly one staff member held up the missing DVD and I happily took it back to the father who was still waiting for my return. The father held the DVD out to his son and asked, “Is that the one you wanted?” The kid wrinkled his nose and backed away from the DVD like it had some kind of a bad smell rolling off of it.

They left the library without the DVD.



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