Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coming Soon!

Okay, maybe not SOON. Writing a novel always takes so much more time than I think it will.

I recently spoke with my agent, Amy Boggs, and we started planning what manuscripts I should begin working on next. I always have dozens of story ideas simmering in the back of my mind--but I can only work on a few at a time. Deciding which one to begin working on next is always a big decision. After all, it can take years to get a book ready for publication. If I'm going to be spending that much time and effort on a story it has to be one I really love. I currently have four novels I'm actively working on. That's right FOUR. And I am so excited about finally getting to write these stories which have been patiently waiting their turn! I've been creating characters, plotting out story lines, and creating new worlds. One of the stories has illustrations, so I've even started drawing again as well. It's been far too long--I'm really enjoying it. Telling a story in a visual format has its own set of challenges that are completely different from a novel that is only told only in words. Getting my brain around it can really push my creative limit at times. But it is so much fun to try something different!

Will any of these stories find a home at some publishing house in the near future--we will soon see!



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