Tuesday, August 25, 2009

News of the Bizarre

Okay, now I've seen it all. This story is about a cellphone that did a lot more than put through a call. The scary part is that this kind of thing can happen and no one will believe it until it's too late. Make sure you click on the video link in the article for even more info about how they figured out the culprit was the cell phone.


What else does my cellphone do when I'm not paying attention? Hmmm?

Friday, August 14, 2009

What's Your Favorite Song?

My fifteen year old nephew and I recently were talking about his favorite song. It was interesting to hear why this song affected him the way it did. What did the lyrics mean for him? (I was very interested to find that it was not the same message the band had written them to mean.) It got me thinking about my own favorite songs and why I love them so much. My very favorite song is by Josh Groban. Don't Give Up (You are Loved) I heard this song and the radio one day and it just spoke right to my heart. If you'd like to listen to this song click on the link below.


This song is to me one of the greatest examples of the human spirit in the midst of life's adversities. Not to give up when things are tough is one of the most important things we can learn in life. We are not alone and can overcome all things if we don't stop believing in ourselves, in others and in God. When I feel like I can't go on, I listen to this song and find my strength once again.

So what is your favorite song? Why does it affect you the way it does? How does it speak to you when it might not for others? I'd love to hear your stories if you are willing to share them. Include a link to your song if you possibly can. If it is too personal, feel free to leave your story anonymously in comments.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And the Winner Is . . .

Congrats to everyone who voted to name my elf princess doll Aurelia because that is the name that won. Now when kids ask me what her name is I won't have to say, "Uh . . .I don't know." anymore. Aurelia is a much better name by far.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Haunted House? An Early Halloween Treat

This article I found on the internet is a facinating look at a real haunted house that turned out NOT to be haunted at all. What was causing, the unexplained ghostly activity dozens of people were experiencing in the home? Click on the link below to read this facinating story about a perfectly logical explaination for what might be causing many of the hauntings in our country, even today.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Victor Borge

After watching this orchestra play you will never see them in the same light again. I saw this on public tv the other night and laughed until I cried. Enjoy.


Monday, August 3, 2009

The Biggest Mistake of Somebody's Life

After watching the video below I don't feel so bad about some of the mistakes I make while on the job. Somebody is seriously busted.


I'll bet the people in the appartments next door saw their lives passing before their eyes.



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