Thursday, April 5, 2012

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

People often ask me how an author comes up with new ideas for a book. Well, I recently got a great idea for a new novel after reading a bizarre news story. Sometimes the truth is so much stranger than anything we authors could possibly make up in our heads. Here are a few examples of some news articles that would make great beginnings for stories. (I'm not including the one that inspired me just yet. I still need time to work that story out.) I have included a few other articles for your viewing pleasure. Click the links to read more.

Town is Mysteriously Rattled - The cause of this strange phenomenon could be just about anything--especially if it were the plot of a fantasy/sci-fi novel.

Ghost Ship Sails the Sea Without a Crew - According to the article, an unmanned ship is a dangerous thing, so they are attempting to hunt it down and sink it. Think about the adventures a fictionalized crew might have while doing this. What if the "ghost ship" fought back?

Piano Left in the Middle of a Forest - I can't even begin to think of an explanation for this. But I'll bet some budding author out there somewhere can.

Panama Monster - Okay, that's just creepy. I don't even WANT to know.



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