Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Life of a Librarian

Today I help a little boy find some books on a certain topic he was really excited to learn more about. He was actually bouncing up and down while I searched for his books then hugged them to his chest with the biggest grin and widest eyes I'd ever seen on a happy little face. He was practically skipping as he went to check out his books. What was this thrilling subject that had him so excited?

The Digestive System.

Yep. That's right. His mom told me he's been obsessed with learning about the subject ever since his dad had to go to the hospital to get his gall bladder removed. Hey, whatever makes him happy, eh?


RainCoyote said...

Hah! Little kids crack me up all the time! I was smiling big when you said he was clutching the books to his chest, then I laughed out loud when you said what it was. I bet you have lots of crazy stories like that, eh?

Adrienne/Addy said...

Ha! That kid may turn out to be one incredible doctor. Holy Moley (sp?)

Teresa Gashler said...

I'm glad kids with such enthusiasm for non fiction books exists. TV is so overpowering. There is hope, thanks to librarians :)

Chantelle said...

Oh, Sheila...the digestive system thrills me, too! I'm so glad all that food doesn't just sit forever in my stomach. What a delight it is!



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