Monday, October 12, 2020

Amazing Spooky Book Giveaway for Halloween! My Newest Book Included!

Here is your chance to win a free copy of not only my book, but lots of other books by some pretty great authors! Click the link to Enter:

Friday, October 9, 2020

LIFELIKE Book Trailer! Check it out!

 The trailer for my haunting new young adult novel, LIFELIKE is now up on YouTube. Check it out!

Ebook preorders are available on Amazon:

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Cover Reveal for LIFELIKE


I'm am so very proud to present my newest novel--LIFELIKE--to be released on October 15th.

A haunted doll museum. An unsolved murder. A girl with nothing left to lose.

Six months ago Aunt Victoria bought herself doll museum—a sprawling 25-room Victorian mansion filled with toys and playthings from every period of history. Now I'm going to live out the rest of my probably short life in a place listed as unlucky number thirteen in the official guide to the most haunted places in America. 

I keep telling myself it’s all just a bunch of old stories. That I don’t believe in ghosts. That the noises I hear coming from the walls are just mice or rats. But I’m not so sure anymore. The dolls are everywhere. I can feel their glass eyes watching me from every corner. 

They say a murder was once committed in this house.

I think the person who did it— their ghost—is still here.

When tragedy strikes sixteen-year-old Wren’s family, she can’t see the point in starting over again, especially when her future seems so uncertain and her heart so heavy.

After she is sent to stay with her favorite aunt, who lives in a doll museum, Wren quickly discovers two creepily lifelike dolls hidden inside the walls of the old house. Dolls that were created to look like two very real people--a dangerously handsome young man and his mysteriously beautiful fiancĂ©e—a young woman he supposedly murdered a few weeks before their wedding day.

As Wren attempts to solve what really happened all those years ago--she begins to realize that not only are the dolls haunted—but one of them is dead set on making sure the truth will never be revealed. No matter the cost…

Fall in love with a haunting story of a murder set in the past, a thirst for revenge that just won’t die, and a sweet first love that transcends time. 

A young adult paranormal romance from Revello Press.

Preorders for the eBook version are already underway at the link below. Print orders will soon follow.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Brand New Book Coming Soon!


Something spooky is coming in October! My newest book is almost here. Stay tuned for a cover reveal and an official announcement of the book's release VERY soon!

Has the approach of Halloween l got you in the mood for a haunting tale? This all-new young adult novel will be right up your alley!

During the period that I was writing this manuscript, I found a gorgeous doll (pictured above) that looked exactly like one of the dolls featured in my story. I had to buy him, of course. And not long after, I hired a very talented young seamstress to create a period accurate Victorian wedding suit for him. But what part does this custom-made groom doll play in the mysterious circumstances of my story?

You will soon find out--if you dare.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Last Chance to Enter my Blog Tour Giveaway!

Only 40 hours left before my Shadow in the Sea giveaway comes to an end. If you haven't entered it already--this is your last chance! The prizes are fantastic, so don't miss out.

The blog tour was a roaring success. Want to know what reviewers think of my new book, Shadow in the Sea?  Check out all the blog tour stops by clicking the link below. (Links to all the blog tour stops are toward the bottom of the new page. Once there, just scroll down to get to them.)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shadow in the Sea Book Blog Tour and Giveaways Begin!

 The official Shadow in the Sea blog tour has begun. Click the link below to learn more about the different stops scheduled for the blog tour over the course of next week.

There will be all sorts of free mermaid themed giveaways you can sign up to win as well. These would make perfect Christmas gifts--for yourself or that young mermaid lover in your life.

Grand Prize Includes: 1 Twin-sized mermaid comforter set, 1 signed copy of Shadow in the Sea, 1 signed copy of Forbidden Sea, 1 pair of light-up battery powered earrings. (The mermaids have glowing jewelry in the book.)

Second Place Prize Includes: 1 Mermaid in a cup figurine, 1 signed copy of Shadow in the Sea, 1 signed copy of Forbidden Sea, 1 pair of light-up battery powered earrings.

There are lots of other amazing runner-up prizes as well. To enter these giveaways click the link below:

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Goodreads Giveaway!

 I am giving away a signed copy of my new book Shadow in the Sea on Goodreads. Click the link below to enter!



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