Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas for the Rich

Here it is. A Christmas list for those who already have everything, so what the heck, they might as well blow a few more million dollars on useless stuff. (I would not be one of these people, and I probably never will be. Even if I were, I’d be building a school in Africa instead of buying this stuff.) Extravagance at its worst. It just gives you the warm fuzzies all over, doesn’t it?

Teddy Bear with Fur Made of Gold Thread – $84,000.00

14kt Gold Playstation 3 with Matching Gold Controllers - $4,999 Just scroll down the page to see photos of this must have stocking stuffer.

Snow White’s Talking Mirror Security System – This mirror won’t tell you that you are the fairest of them all, but it will tell you if someone is breaking into your home. It will also tell you when your Jacuzzi is at the perfect temperature. If you can afford to buy one after purchasing this, that is. It’s so expensive you have to contact them personally before they will actually quote a price.

Talking Animatronic Cat – The list price for this beauty is $18,125.00. However, this is your lucky day because it is on sale for $2,500.00. Rush delivery is available for Christmas.


A realistic swimming animatronic dolphin, however, will cost you a cool $45,500.00. You might as well get the real thing and save yourself a few thousand.

Working Mermaid Suit – You’ll be the talk of any costume party you show up to in this. Pool parties also an option since this is waterproof. $9,500.00.

Real Suit of Armor – Neiman Marcus puts the price for this at $20,000. OUCH!

And for Fido We Have Luxury Doghouses – $5,000.00 to $7,000.00. My dog will not be getting one of these this year. She can sleep in the dog kennel if she’s feeling the need for privacy.

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Teresa Gashler said...

I'm pretty sure that I can't live without that dolphin. I'll have to get a pool first...



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