Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Things Shouldn't have a Price Tag Put on Them-- Seriously

People will buy anything on Ebay. There was a haunted teddy bear up for auction a few years ago—Closing bid: $11,100.00 US dollars. My first reaction was—SAY WHAT? Anyone can buy a teddy bear and claim it is haunted, people! How could you possibly prove you had been scammed once you got the item? Excuse me Ebay but this teddy bear doesn’t get up and murder people in their beds after all, I want my money back please.

Here are some other real true items that have been put up for auction on Ebay as well as the original description the seller used to describe the item. With a little imagination and a bizarre sense of humor, you too can make thousands on the internet. Here’s how:

High End Cotton Swab - Up for auction is a very, very bizarre cotton swab. Why is it bizarre, you ask? Well, this is a high end cotton swab. If you do not like high end cotton swabs with a variety of uses then please do not bid. Payment is due within twenty four hours of auctions end.

Goldfish Pancake - Pancake in the shape of a Gold Fish it is one inch long see pic. I’m storing it in a ziplock bag in the freezer I also have a Pancake in the shape of a VW BUG car with the exhaust coming out the tailpipe, Pancake in the shape of the Predator from AVP - Alien vs. Predator it is about three by four inches long.

Five Questions Answered by Teen Genius - Great Advice! The winning bidder of this auction will be able to ask me any five questions and I must answer them truthfully to the best of my knowledge. You can ask me about advice on your car, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, job, house, brother, sister.

Chicken Finger that Looks Like a Chocolate Easter Rabbit - Chili’s chicken finger looks like chocolate Easter bunny. Here it is folks! The strangest chicken finger to ever get posted on eBay. I got this chicken finger on my plate at Chili’s. Just seconds before this prized gem almost ended up in my mouth, my eyes caught the amazing site.

Snow Globe that Can’t Snow - Mysterious Snow Globe! Alpine Skier by Perzy of Austria snow globe high collected around the world. This snow globe will NOT snow! There is no liquid inside the snow globe…but there is snow! You can see this in the picture as the globe is held on its side there’s no bubble of air at the top.

Diamond White Gold Ring Evil - This genuine diamond and white gold ring sold for one thousand eight hundered dollars from JcPenney. Since the ring has been in my possession, I have had nothing but bad luck and evil fortune. I believe that this ring is hexed and I want it away from me as soon as possible.

Fly Perfectly Preserved - I found this strange roll of tape over ten years ago and set it aside when I noticed there was a perfectly preserved fly specimen caught between the layers of clear tape. I do not know the species of fly or the exact time it met its fate but it could be well over fifteen years old.

Ghost in a Lemon - We had a bunch of unexplainable things happen to us in our home, we were watching a TV show one day, it said to catch a spirit you need to cut a lemon in half and leave it in a room for a day and the lemon will absorb the spirit. We decided to give it a try, and it seems that this actually worked.

Buy the Right for Bob to Live - We live on a small farm and this spring my husband and I bought two turkeys to raise for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately one turkey died young and one survived, my husband named her “Bob”. Bob is a friendly bird that allows my husband and two year old son to pet.

Area 51 Base Access Pass - Is it Real? This is a replica of the original sticker. Not Intended to be used for access to Area 51. Sticker is manufactured of high quality ultra violet resistant vinyl. Designed to mount on outside of windshield. Great for the Area 51,XFiles, Roswell, UFO-Space Ship Fanatics.

Well I know what I’m asking Santa to bring me for Christmas. How about you?


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I'm pretty sure I saw a haunted pancake in the shape of Nancy Pelosi's nose around here somewhere.



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