Friday, October 21, 2011

Book Trailers Are Hard Work!

This last month has been filled with a flurry of work while I and my family prepare to film the Forbidden Sea book trailer. Things are never as straight forward as you might think when filming. Especially when you have no budget to speak of. A lot of things don't come out exactly as you'd like them to--but then again pleasant surprises pop up along the way as well. People who have read Forbidden Sea will see right away that some literary license had to be taken with the storyline in order to condense it down into a trailer length plot that makes sense to people who have not read the book. We have Denn in a scene he was not actually a part of in the book, but it works better that way for the trailer. Adrianne does not have short hair like she does in the novel, but the girl who plays her is PERFECT for the part, so I figured it was a trade-off worth making. The actor who plays Denn is the real boyfriend of the young actress who plays Adrianne, so the chemistry between them is just right--and he definitely looks the part. We still have more filming scheduled for next weekend. I hope everything continues to come out as well as it has begun. I can't wait to see the finished product!

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