Friday, May 14, 2010

UK Cover for Forbidden Sea--Vote for Your Favorite

The final UK Cover for Forbidden Sea can now be seen on Amazon UK. Click here to see what it looks like! So let's take a vote. Which one do you like best? The US cover (Click here) or the UK cover? Make sure to list where you are from with your vote--I'm curious if where a person lives really does affect what style of cover they like. Let me know what you think. Be honest now. You won't hurt my feelings. I had no say what so ever in either cover.


DeeDee said...

I must say I like the US one. The UK one I think will appeal to a younger audience (which is OK).

Travis & Adrienne said...

I BY FAR love the US cover. It's just captivating. The UK is still beautiful, but not as appealing as the other.

But it still ROCKS that you're getting your book published in the UK!!! HOLY COW!!!

Joella said...

I think I like the UK cover. I don't know why. Perhaps the nice dark color, perhaps the golden mermaid. I like both covers. I just would have bought the UK if I had a choice. :)



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