Sunday, May 30, 2010

Miniature Sculpture Jewelry

I've had lots of people asking me about purchasing some of my miniature sculpture jewelry. If you haven't already seen my handiwork click here to see to photos of some of my work. I have sold a few pieces to friends and family in the past, but I haven't really considered doing it online like a real business. I am pleased to announce that sometime in the near future I will begin selling a few of them from time to time online. Possibly on Etsy or Ebay. I'm still getting organized here and it will take some time to get a few pieces finished and ready for sale but sometime before the end of this year I will begin selling some necklaces for those who are interested. When the time comes I will post an announcement on this blog. So keep checking back for more info.

I could really use the help of all you fantasy buffs out there in Blog Land to help me get started. If you were going to purchase a fantasy necklace--what would you want on it? A Mermaid? A Dragon? A Fairy? A Centaur? A Griffin? A gargoyle? Or something else entirely? I'm probably going to start with three new necklaces and I want to choose a subject for each one that lots of people would be interested in buying. Feel free to put your two cents worth in comments below.


Raspberry said...

A castle. Perhaps a 'mini scene' from a fairy tale.

Joella said...

A gargoyle. Then maybe I would finish my story. Or a griffin or a dragon. I love the castle and fairy ideas, but I'm most interested in the first three. :)



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