Wednesday, July 8, 2009

That was NOT in the Job Discription

Things that were not listed in the job description when I applied for my job as a librarian.

--Cleaning up Vomit/other bodily fluids

--Finding Lost Parents/Lost Children

--Crawling around on the floor in the back room, clawing my way through mountains of books looking for that one Magic Tree House book a child hasn't read yet.

--Being Sneezed/coughed on by sick children at least half a dozen times a day.

--Smiling and trying to act really interested in a blow by blow account of the fifteenth Pokemon book in a series as told by some really sweet and excited child who has discovered the joy of reading.

--Stopping pillow fights in the reading corner.

--Stopping water fights at the drinking fountain.

--Trying to convince that twelve year old boy who really hates books, that he really does want to try this one because it is SOOOOO different than all the others he's read before. Really!

--Paper cuts. Paper cuts. And even more paper cuts.

--Teaching adults how to find something in alphabetical order without making them feel stupid.

--Evacuating the entire building every time a child pulls the fire alarm.

--Explaining to small children that we really do not have that book in right now--so please don't cry, you'll make me sad. : (

--Explaining to children going to story time that we have to put their real name on the name tag along with the name "Superman" so we can tell them apart from all the other Supermans in that particular class.

--Ooohing and Ahhhing over all the darling princesses who turn up in their crowns and dresses to show them off at the library(which is almost as good as a ballroom, apparently). Have you ever noticed how those fake plastic high heels never fit right?

And that's just the beginning of it. : )


CoyoteLion said...

Pillow fights in the library? Why did I never think of that? ;)

Raspberry said...

I HATE cleaning up bodily fluids of children I don't know. Or that I do.
And yes....sigh....checking the back for books. I wear that's probably one of the top things I used to spend my time on there. :)Remember teenagers making by the pillows?!

Joella said...

This just makes me happy! I totally have done each and every one of those too! Maybe we should put a huge *** on the job applications... hee, hee, hee!

DeeDee said...

The thing Library School never prepared me for was getting temperamental microphones to work for Story Time. If I every plan a library school curriculum, it will include basic electronics.



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