Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time to Get a Haircut

As most of you know already, I recently made the decision to cut my hair short after wearing it extremely long since, like, seventh grade. I had no idea what I’d let myself in for. I spent six months trying to get used to the idea—telling myself over and over—it would look great!


I promise.

Once I’d made up my mind, I spent a couple months looking at possible hair styles and preparing people who had known me all my life for the shock. I told my friends one of these days I’d show up with short hair and could they please try not to show the horror on their face when they saw it. My grandmother never did become comfortable with the idea of my cutting my hair. Even now she kindly informs me that she likes how my hair looks, but she liked it better before.

The final days before my hair appointment were full of nail-biting moments of last minute doubts. When I went in to get it cut, I decided not to make any judgments until it was all done. The moment my hairstylist turned the chair around to let me get my first real look at my new hair—I sat there, stunned.

“Did you know you had naturally curly hair?” My hairstylist asked.

With all the weight off of my hair, it had bounced up into the most adorably sassy curls. You must understand. I’ve spent a lot of money over the years paying for perms, one after another to keep my hair curly all the time. Most people believe I was born with curly hair because that is all they have ever seen me have. I let my last perm grow out as I made up my mind to cut my hair and had been straightening it ever since. It was a real shock to find out I had curly hair hiding underneath all along.

Let’s just say I was REALLY please with the results of my haircut. The truth is I don’t ever think I will go back to having long hair again. Short is so much faster and lighter—you would not believe how heavy long hair is. And the static in Utah used to be murder on my hair. Not anymore. Hooray for short hair! To anyone considering chopping off their hair, do it now and don’t look back. You’ll never regret it. (Your grandmother might, but if she’s as sweet as mine is, she’ll deal with her disappointment and love you anyway.)

I know most guys like their lady love to have long hair—but here is one more thing for you gals to think about. Do you think guys ever stress for months over a simple decision to cut their hair? Is that fair?

Now go get your hair cut in protest.


Jamie said...

You're right-- sassy is the perfect word to describe your hair! :)

Karlene said...

I like your short hair. It inspired me to cut mine. But mine's not curly, so it doesn't look as good.

Raspberry said...

I liked it, and am jealous of your curls. Also, it totally makes you look younger. As in still in college - no fair!

Anonymous said...

You still make me laugh so hard. I missed your humor. We sure had some great times on our mission. So glad to be in touch again. Love, Patty

Sylwia Lipinska Hardman said...

i loved chopping off my hair. i actually got a military cut, almost bald. it was just too much holding babies that were pulling my hair. so something had to go , either the hair or the kids. i kept the kids.

a couple of years ago my hair started falling out. it is very thin now, so i grew it out somewhat. now that it's so thin, it's no longer heavy.

i have to agree with you that i like short hair better. i would probably still have it really short if i wasnt balding. you look great and soooo young!!!


Lepi said...

Wow. You look so different with long hair, I always forget that hairstyle really does change how you look. And you can pull off any length it seems, we should all be so lucky.



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