Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That CAN'T Be the End!

Last weekend I watched a movie that had one of those endings where you stare at the credits after it’s over and say to yourself—THAT’S IT? That’s really how it ends? In this particular star-studded, romantic period film, the main character doesn’t get the girl, he doesn’t change his ways, doesn’t mend his relationships with those he loves before it’s too late, and ends up worse than he started off. A real fun time to be had for all. The film did have beautiful cinematography though. Too bad all the characters were too miserable to enjoy it.

I remember when I was younger, coming into the living room and getting caught up in this spooky paranormal thriller movie my father was watching on TV. The writer in my head kept thinking, "I wonder how they are going to get these poor people out of this horrible situation?" I was dying to know what the answer to the impossible situation would be. Realizing there was only five minutes of the movie left--and things were only getting worse by the minute--I asked my Dad what was the name of the movie was. He pushed the button that brought up the cable info on the movie and I began reading, "Stephen King's . . ." I didn't even have to finish. Two words and I knew the poor people in the film were probably not even going to make it out alive much less have a happy ending. My hunch was correct. Stephen King is funny that way.

So I want to know, who else out there in cyberspace has wasted two hours of their life watching a movie that they ended up hating? What was it that you disliked about the movie? How would you have liked it to end? This is a chance for all of you to vent your fury and help others to not make the same mistake you did. I expect everyone who reads this blog to contribute at least one movie title. If any of the pages working in the back room of the library are reading this right now, I expect a comment from each of you. (Chelsea and Daphne, that includes you!) : )

P.S. If you’ve never hated a movie, list one of your favorites and why you liked it.


Karlene said...

About a month ago, I was feeling icky so watched TV all day. I watched this stupid movie about these people on a jungle island with killer monkeys. In the end, you think two of the people are going to get away, but nope. The monkeys get them. HATED it!

Anonymous said...

Have I ever wasted two hours of my life watching a movie I hated? Boy have I ever. In fact, I once wasted more than two hours watching the "edited" version of Titanic. Stupid film about an ugly man and a mostly naked woman. If that movie were actually edited-you know, without all the bad parts-it would have a ship called The Titanic ship out to sea. Then the ship would sink. Plot over.

Raspberry said...

I'm curious as to which movie it was you just watched and hated?
There's one or two Dickens movies I can't stand. I'm sorry. I can see scenes, but no titles. I've probably blocked them from my memory forever. Plus, I would never own such sludge. :)

Raspberry said...

oh! But I have to tell you, I showed Ryan Wives and Daughters the other night and he loved it. Good stuff.

Jamie said...

I wrote a really great comment about your blog, Sheila. It was awesome. I talked about lots of plays. But stupid Firefox out front doesn't like google, for some reason, so you don't get my awesome comment. It's lost forever.
Side note: I just saw Carol... turns out you're doing a good job publicizing your blog around here, because she reads it too! You're so popular.

Hirsche Family said...

Cloverfield! I am so glad I didn't waste any money on it (checked it out at the library). Wasting my time was bad enough!

Chelsey Clay said...

I totally agree. I just finished reading Howl's Moving Castle (for class I might add) and I couldn't believe how it ended- what a cop-out. I'm sorry that my time was wasted on that book.



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