Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Forbidden Sea Mermaid Contest Giveaway

I'm hosting a contest giveaway over on my Forbidden Sea book blog. Click here to get more info and see how you can enter to win all the fabulous prizes pictured here. Including the hand made miniature mermaid necklace above!


Bandon Biggs said...

I love your book the forbidden sea it was really good and kept me reading it I would love to win the contest

ansindt said...

I wish I could come to the book signing...but I have 3 b-day parties that I am going to be 1 tired chick.

Have fun=)

Anna Sindt

Sheila A. Nielson said...

Brandon--your message made my day. Thank you. And good luck in the contest.

Ansidt--I'll miss seeing your friendly face at the book signing, but 3 b-days sound like way too much fun to pass up. :)

Raspberry said...

Hey - I've had multiple people ask about a next book for you....any tentative dates?

Eesti said...

I'm an avid reader of this genre. What set apart "Forbidden Sea" from the other books was the focus on the importance of one's character. There was an emphasis on what a person is on the inside is more important that what they look like or wear.

The story line was captivating as well. It was NOT predictable and yet I found myself torn between decisions along with the protagonist.



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