Saturday, June 19, 2010

Got Your Adrenalin Rush for the Day?

The links below are videos I found of some very near misses (mostly involving trains) that people managed to survive by sheer dumb luck. Every one of the people in these videos walks away unharmed--but only barely. If watching people ALMOST get killed is a little too stressful on the heart for you, you might want to skip these. : ) But if you love a good adrenalin rush where everyone is happy in the end--live dangerously and click the links!

(As with any link, these will take you to an outside site whose content, beyond the video highlighted, I can not be held responsible for.)

For video 1 click here.

For video 2 click here.

For video 3 click here.

For video 4 click here.

For video 5 click here.

And to see one big ship launch gone awry click here.

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