Friday, March 5, 2010

Fairy Tea 2010

Every year our library puts on a big program called the Fairy Tea. This year there were four teas, each with 200 attendees. That makes 800 guests in all, most of them little girl ages three and up. The little girls dress up like fairies (wings, crown, the whole she-bang) and come to watch ballerinas perform and be introduced to the fairy court as they walk the runway and show off their fairy finery. The girls are always so cute! As part of the program, we librarians are required to dress up as well. I've been doing this for eight years now, so I've got quite a collection of fairy dresses hidden away in my closet by now. This year I wore a dress I sewed myself. (pictured above) I don't know how real fairies can move around freely with wings permantly attached to their back, because I kept hitting people in the head with mine whenever I tried to turn around.
The cream dress is my costume for the second day of Fairy Tea.


Pinky said...

I'm totally sad I missed it (Ruby is FINALLY old enough). Remind me next year and I'll definitely be coming. Your dress turned out really good and you are the most beautiful fairy I've ever seen!

Raspberry said...

Oh - I loved that. I was in the kitchen, but I kind of liked the 'behind the scenes' thing.

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

Who is that total HOTTIE in the pink dress?!?!?!?!?!?!? You are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

RainCoyote said...

Looks like it was fun! You look lovely, well done! (And great job on the re-paint of the large fairy! They both looked great, you two did an awesome job!)

DeeDee said...

Sheila has the most amazing collection of dresses. Half of the children's department were wearing one one of her dresses.

You looked fabulous this year.

Teresa Gashler said...

You are so gorgeous, Sheila! I'm sad I missed it, but I'm glad you've got pictures up.



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