Monday, January 25, 2010

One Lovely Book Award

My dear friend Karlene at Inksplasher has kindly given my blog a lovely award. Karlene has been one of my writer's group friends for years and is quite an author and blogger herself. Now that I have received this award, I am supposed to pass on the joy and nominate some of my own favorite blogs and list them here.

Many of my favorite blogs belong to friends who have personal blogs. Since most of them probably wouldn't want me to link up to those here on my public blog, I have decided to only list book blogs that I visit frequently in my work as a children's librarian. This list is huge, and trying to think of them all at once was very difficult, so I am sure I have forgotten some. I've put together a list of those I could remember--if yours is not on there, don't despair, I probably just ran out of brain power before I got to yours. Those who are listed for the award below, are now supposed to pass on this award to someone else.

Rebecca’s Book Blog: (What Rebecca doesn’t know about a book is not worth reading about.)

Two and a Half Book Lovers: (Blogging for the whole family! Also a great place to keep up with all the contests currently going on in the blogging community. My first official author interview was posted on this site. Check it out!)

Bookworming in the 21st Century: (An invaluable resource for any children or teen librarian. Kristen always writes fair and honest reviews with great details. I find I tend to agree with her reviews a lot of the time.)

The Story Siren: (I stand in silent awe of The Story Siren’s knowledge of all things juvenile and teen fiction.)

Never Ending Shelf: (Just plain fabulous. Great reviews, contest info and all things book related. Pure heaven.)

The Blue Castle: (If she loves The Blue Castle, by L.M. Montgomery I trust her opinion of other books implicitly.)

Princess Bookie: (I ADORE the pink cupcake theme. Books truly are as scrumptious as pink cupcakes, don’t you think?)

La Femme Readers: (Love the new layout, Eleni.)

Tales of the Ravenous Reader: (Got to love that title! The blog itself is even better.)

Mandy Can Read: (Mandy brings a fresh teenage perspective to all her reviews. Nice work.)

My Fluttering Heart: (She blogs about great books and about a whole lot of other extremely fascinating things besides. Check out that real Bilbo Baggins house some guy built for his family to live in! And if your next wedding isn’t steampunk you are so missing out.)

Tempting Persephone: (Just recently discovered this one. Nice header artwork. Wish I knew who the artist was. I want them to design the cover of my next book.)

A Good Addiction: (I love that she always posts pictures of her dog sitting with her books. Toby is so cute.)

Jack of All Trades:

And for the younger crowd:

XOX Casey + Sammy Forever: (Is there anything as delightful as a young fan who has finally discovered the perfect series of books? I think not. Fabulous job, Cammylover. Did you take all those cool photographs yourself?)

I'm sure there are many more but I don't want this post to take up too much space. Thank you to all the hardworking bloggers who provide me with such great blogs to read. I could not do my work as a well informed librarian without all of you.

Congrats to all!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me the award! =] As for the pictures, yes, most of them are mine. A couple few (I even think 1 of them is tagged somewhere in the picture) are pictures that my friend(s) take(s). I actually get permission from them... but yes, I am a photographer (in training). Maybe I should start crediting the pictures? Hm, good idea. Anyways, thank you for the award! I'll be sure to do the same since you said we should also pass it down. Bye! And keep blogging. <3
xo Stephanie

Kate said...

Thank you so much for the award and the kind words. I really appreciate what you said.

Raspberry said...

Thank you - I noticed I had gotten this before, but I keep forgetting to post it on my blog....:) but still a big hearty thank you.



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