Sunday, November 15, 2009

Projects Past and Present

I finished my ghost marionette for Halloween this year. It's taken me quite a while but she is all done. I couldn't posted pictures of the finished project before Halloween because she was on display at the library. The kids loved her. We have a joke at our library that the display with the most fingerprints wins as the most popular. I had to wipe down the glass of the display cabinet at least two or three times a day, so I think the little ghost won. I made her out of glow in the dark clay so when she is under a black light she glows (as seen in the picture).
She turned out even better than I expected. I can't wait to try her out in a puppet show for Halloween next year!


Nikki said...

My girls were responsible for quite a few of those handprints. Your display was AMAZING and I love this ghoulish glowing lady ghost.

Teresa Gashler said...

I didn't know you made her. You never cease to amaze me.

RainCoyote said...

Dude, they have glow in the dark clay?! That is so awesome. You are amazingly talented, Sheila!



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