Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween Past and Present

I have to work at the library on Halloween this year. Anyone who knows me and my love of all things Halloween, will understand how depressed I am over this. Halloween is a bigger holiday than Christmas in my family. We used to be known as "The Scary House" in our neighborhood growing up. I have more Halloween decorations than Walmart does. Seriously.

One Halloween my sister talked me and some of our friends into being in one of those haunted houses that people pay to go through and get scared to death. Let me tell you, people who are scared are dangerous. We were supposed to hide behind this wall and grab people's feet as they walked by these hidden openings. We learned pretty quickly to grab and move back because people's first reaction when their foot is grabbed is to kick back. HARD.

The other thing we were supposed to do was lay down in this hidden loft just above people's heads and pop out, pretending to grab at them from above. One of the girls who was helping us bent over to frighten a large group of teenage girls and accidentally fell out of the loft right into the middle of them with the loudest thump you've ever heard. Talk about screaming--all ten of those girls hauled it out of there so fast they never did realize that it wasn't something that had been planned. You could still hear their screams in the distance as they ran the rest of the way through the haunted house. I don't think they stopped until they were all the way back outside. My friend got up and dusted herself off and got right back up into the loft as if nothing had happened.

Got any great Halloween memories to share? I'd love to hear them in comments.


Pinky said...

LOL! I never heard this story.I wish I could've gone!

Nikki said...

I LOVE your blog!!! Thanks for sharing your scary books list, and your fun science experiments. I love your haunted house story. I used to go to KNott's Scary Farm around Halloween every year. The "monsters" would follow my friends and I around the park and when you thought you had finally lost them, you suddenly heard a soft, horrible, crackling growl right in your ear. It was so scary and great.



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