Friday, August 14, 2009

What's Your Favorite Song?

My fifteen year old nephew and I recently were talking about his favorite song. It was interesting to hear why this song affected him the way it did. What did the lyrics mean for him? (I was very interested to find that it was not the same message the band had written them to mean.) It got me thinking about my own favorite songs and why I love them so much. My very favorite song is by Josh Groban. Don't Give Up (You are Loved) I heard this song and the radio one day and it just spoke right to my heart. If you'd like to listen to this song click on the link below.

This song is to me one of the greatest examples of the human spirit in the midst of life's adversities. Not to give up when things are tough is one of the most important things we can learn in life. We are not alone and can overcome all things if we don't stop believing in ourselves, in others and in God. When I feel like I can't go on, I listen to this song and find my strength once again.

So what is your favorite song? Why does it affect you the way it does? How does it speak to you when it might not for others? I'd love to hear your stories if you are willing to share them. Include a link to your song if you possibly can. If it is too personal, feel free to leave your story anonymously in comments.


Karlene said...

I love the song, I Hope You Dance by LeeAnn Womack. I tend to get all tied up in the "have-tos" of life. This song reminds me to step back and enjoy it more because the world is so huge and full of wonder, and I'll miss it if I don't stop and look. I tell my kids that this is my theme song to them.

CoyoteLion said...

Ooh, you took mine ;) But seeing as this is your blog post, I suppose that is only fair :D (On a random side note, I am listening to Josh right now)

So,I would have to say James Taylor's version of "You've Got a Friend." Friendship is one of my most favorite things and I like to hope and think I can be like the friend in the song, there whenever a friend needs me for any reason.

DeeDee said...

Ok, Here is the nerdiest answer ever. My favorite song is actually a hymn, Abide With Me tis Eventide. My favorite non-hymn is Weber's "Invitation to the Dance" When I was a teen I would lie on the floor near my parent's record player and listen to this and imagine what it was like to go to a ball. I would imagine my dress, some dashing man asking me to dance,and whirling around the dance floor. So Jane Austin. I don't know how to add a link, but you can look it up on Youtube.



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