Thursday, May 14, 2009

Too Cute for Words

A friend and I recently discovered some old photographs in my mother's storage closet. Among them was this darling picture of my dog when she was just a puppy. She was so tiny in those days that a friend of mine (who was watching the dog for me) actually smuggled her into a movie theater in her diaper bag with no one the wiser. The dog slept through most of the film but managed to crawl out of the bag toward the end when no one was looking. The dog wandered through the theater isles eating stale popcorn, getting petted by people, and occasionally barking at the screen for good measure. My friend finally tracked her down and smuggled the puppy back out of the theater when the movie was over. No one told management about the incident. But then look at that adorable face--how could anyone resist?


Pinky said...

SO CUTE! How can anyone resist?

Sylwia Lipinska Hardman said...

she's too cute for words!!!

Anonymous said...




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