Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do You Like REALLY Scary Stories?

Then the young adult book Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman is the book for you. I had a bout with the stomach flu Saturday so I read all the way through this ghost story in one day. What made it so scary? The videos. As the story progresses the main character's best friend sends him emails with videos she has taken. Videos of a ghost. And this ghost is frightening to look at, believe me. The girl sends her friend passwords that you as the reader can use to view them on line as the story progresses. It gives the story an almost real feeling you rarely get while reading a story. I read/watched it during the daytime and I was scared silly. It was a lot of fun though. The videos are so important to the storyline that the book by itself is useless without them. In fact, you have to watch the last video if you want to find out how the story ends, if you can call it an ending. Unfortunately this is only the first book in a series so the story leaves us in a horrible cliffhanger, I'll be having nightmares about for months to come. There is no gore or violence in the context of the story, but this story is much too spooky for younger children. (Heck I'm an adult and at times it was almost too spooky for me.) The most amazing part is the depth the author is willing to go to in making this fiction feel like reality. There is an "unofficial" website (obviously put there by the publisher), Wikipedia entries with more info about the ghost, and even fake newspaper articles you can find if you follow links. There are hidden goodies that appear on the official website but only at different times of the day. According to one fan, the best stuff comes on after midnight. If you like spooky stories don't miss this real treat. And make sure your laptop is handy.

P.S. Karlene, you will want to skip this one. Trust me.


Emily said...

Remember the movie "The Watcher in the Woods"? I think I remember watching it at your house once growing up. Totally freaked me out! And even though it's kinda for "young people" it STILL freaks me out!

Pinky said...

That sounds like a cool book and idea. Add this book to the list to read to me one day k?

Raspberry said...

Well see, I'd probably wet my pants, but I want to try it... :)

Indecisive said...

Sheila, I kinda want to read it, but I'm scared to!! Maybe some day when I have 12-year-old kids. :D

Karlene said...

Thank you for looking out for me. :)



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