Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a Librarian Will Do in the Name of Furthering Education

Have you ever driven to work with a tadpole in your car? Well I did this morning. Two words. Water everywhere. And why did she have a tadpole in her car, you might ask? Because I'm a librarian. Librarians will do anything in the name of education and learning. Including chauffeuring around a live tadpole so the kids at the library can experience the joy and excitement of watching a tadpole change into a frog. The tadpole was still alive upon arrival so alls well that ends well.

Since I am the one in charge of displays at the library, our regular patrons and staff have grown used to seeing me carrying strange objects in and out of the building. Here is a list of some of the more startling things I've been spotted toting about.

1) A large pink dollhouse (fully furnished)

2) A life-sized robotic pony (You would not believe the crowd of children I attracted that day.)

3) A talking female robot with a pink miniskirt

4) A miniature covered wagon with a team of horses attached

5) A romote controled flying saucer (really flew)

6) A mermaid marionette

7) A live parrot

8) A live poodle

9) A fake heartshaped cake with frosting. (Kids kept asking if they could have a taste.)

10) Three Fairy dolls with wings that move

11) One large stone gargoyle

12) A miniature zoo complete with moving animals

13) A real sword (One little boy made his father come over and ask if he could hold it--please, please, please.)

And my particular favorite: The giant posable skeleton I was caught on the elevator with. Some rather well dressed wedding guests were on their way up to the ballroom and couldn't stop staring at it in horrified silence. It was NOT Halloween at the time.

What can I say, I'm devoted to my work.


Raspberry said...

Oh, I agree - as a librarian you spend an awful lot of time toting around strange and wonderful things. Remember me putting the butterfly cage up? How about the ant farm?
And let me tell you, carrying a duck in was probably not the smartest idea. But the baby chicks were way cute.
And of course, lest we forget, the giant hovercraft.

Sheila A. Nielson said...

How could I possibly forget the giant hovercraft?


Joella said...

I laugh at the memories...and these don't even include what we have been caught wearing to work, which is sometimes just as funny! Good times! ;)



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