Monday, November 24, 2008

Curiouser and Curiouser

Check this out.

Okay, which one of you guys left your piano in out in the middle of nowhere? I swear it wasn't me.


Pinky said...

that's funny! I wonder if someone put it there on purpose to play a prank on someone else ... that's something Julio would do to me as a April's fouls joke...I wonder if some wife is somewhere wondering where her piano went! ... and the bench ... someone must've been playing already! Hope they solve the mystery.

Raspberry said...

I wonder if someone was planning an outdoor recital. But how, why?...

Jamie said...

Hey, they found my piano! I was wondering where it went to... makes sense that it ended up in the snowy woods-- it's way too big for my refrigerator!

Lepi said...

Man, this reminds me of the steps and door me and my sister saw standing in the middle of the desert with NOTHING else for mile and miles. Random! And I love it!



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